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Back in 1970s American abstract artist Irvin Lehman moved from New York City to upstate NY. He established his artist studio in Red Rock and he encouraged his nephew Herbert Shalat to buy a place nearby for his young family. The opportunity arrived when a summer cabin by Queechy Lake came up for sale. Herb was the first buyer of one of the several cabins of the former summer camp that has become today a low key private club. During the last 30 years the summer cabin has turned into a all-year round place for relaxation and enjoyment of the outdoors. It is the place where the art collection of uncle Irvin and the Shalat's work play center stage. When Herb and Ann Shalat bought it, the house was an unheated cabin, set up on concrete blocks. Herbert and Ann had it set on a foundation, insulated and winterized. They did much of the finish work themselves. More recently, Fiorella and Neal Shalat continued renovating by transforming the kitchen and adding skylights with new finishes for the walls and floors. Some furnishings were already in the house when it was purchased and has been restored, others have been added over time. The efficient soap stone wood stove is the winter main mean of heating and gathering spot.

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